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    Our Current Guest is John From:

    Maul's Bike Shop in Halifax, MA

    "Maul's Bike Shop has been around since 1988 when Dick Maul accidentally started a bike shop in his garage. He retired about ten years ago, and I took the helm and have been at it ever since, with tons of help from Tony Long, Josh King, and Justin Gamache (huge thank you to you guys!!). Although we love all kinds of bikes, our priority has and always will be BMX. I would like to see BMX continue to be awesome for a long time, and I would like to see more kids riding and having fun. We do our best to try to encourage this. Bike shops are in a position to be a positive influence for kids and for BMX in general.

    Blackout has been a great partner for a long time, I bought a pair of Kink "Fat Nuts" off of Zack at a contest at a skatepark in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada back in like '94 and the rest was history. Chris has been great, too... He knows what he is talking about and will steer you in the right direction with your BMX purchases. In fact, everyone I have dealt with at Blackout over the years has been fantastic, thanks for being awesome guys!"

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