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Monthly Archives: May 2015


    The new bike videos are online for your reference and enjoyment! Click the photo below or check out the videos on each Complete Bike Page!


  • SALES!

    You may have noticed all the sale pages have gone through a change lately. These pages used to show every product and option we had and you had to look at pricing to figure out what was on Sale. Now, only products that are actually on Sale show up on the Sale Pages! If you haven't checked these pages out lately, I suggest you do!

  • Great Odin's Raven!

    Garret Reynolds everybody.


  • Website Update Version

    Hey just a little heads up we have changed a few things on the website. The change that will affect you the most is the way products are added to your cart. Previously the add to cart button would only add the items to your cart in the particular product you were under. Now, however, each add to cart button says "Add All Items to Cart" and every button you see will add every item you have a quantity for on the entire page to your cart at once!

  • A Look Into The Future! Part Dos!

    2016 Kink Complete Bikes are In Stock and Ready to Rock! Make your Bike order online today or give a call right away for these



  • fiend fiend fiend

    Reynolds Frames back in stock! We also received 19mm Bottom Brackets and the new Fiend Belmont PC Pegs! Better make your order now before they are sold out!


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