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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  • Down Bad

    If you haven't been able to watch the new Kink Down Bad video, give it a watch! Good times, good riding, and good dudes on the road. Multiple riders had injuries but that didn't stop the bangers!

  • Shipping Claims

    This year has been crazy and it's no different for the shipping companies! If you happen to have any shipping issues, please follow the below process for submitting a claim.

    Shops can initiate a claims process within 20 days of the invoice date.
    Inspect all packages are present and free of any sort of damage (e.g., tears, holes, dents)
    Please send the following to for Blackout to process a shipping claim
    for missing shipments or damaged products.

    1.) Photos of:
    a. Damage on:
    i. Unopened box
    ii. Product
    b. Label showing the tracking number of involved packages.
    2.) Invoice Number to reference pricing and additional pertinent information.
    3.) Indicate whether the claim is desired to be replace the product, or receive credit for
    missing product.

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