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  • Shipping Claims

    This year has been crazy and it's no different for the shipping companies! If you happen to have any shipping issues, please follow the below process for submitting a claim.

    Shops can initiate a claims process within 20 days of the invoice date.
    Inspect all packages are present and free of any sort of damage (e.g., tears, holes, dents)
    Please send the following to for Blackout to process a shipping claim
    for missing shipments or damaged products.

    1.) Photos of:
    a. Damage on:
    i. Unopened box
    ii. Product
    b. Label showing the tracking number of involved packages.
    2.) Invoice Number to reference pricing and additional pertinent information.
    3.) Indicate whether the claim is desired to be replace the product, or receive credit for
    missing product.

  • Merritt Restock

    We have just Received a major restock of all Merritt products.  Including some New arrivals to Blackout like the Merritt HL1 Half link Chain in multiple colors . Click the image below to checkout the restock!


  • New Kicks Available!

    We have received our fall order of Etnies shoes! Take a look at some of the new arrivals Featuring Shoes from some of our favorite riders like Nathan Williams' Jameson Vulc, Chase Hawk's Marana option or Tom Dugan's Marana vulc colorway. Click the image below to view our latest shipment of Etnies Shoes.

  • Something is coming

    In case you missed it. The 2021 Kink BMX complete line is almost here and selling out faster than we can type up the orders! Below is some close up shots of a few bikes to give you a better look at colors! Click each image below to see the bigger picture!

  • Restocking

    We have received a restock order from multiple brands including Kink BMX, Fiend BMX, Cinema BMX, and Mission BMX! Take a look through their inventory and get an order in before they sell out!

  • Empire BMX

    Here's an idea, take some time out of your quarantine to watch this Empire BMX video!

  • COVID-19 Update

    In light of events concerning COVID-19, we are still open! We have been taking necessary precautions to protect the health of our employees, the community, as well as all of our customers. To reduce the employees working at the office on Monday March 16th, we have enabled our sales team to work from home. Our warehouse crew has also been split into two teams. Each team will be working one week, then off the next week. Even with these changes we are hard at working to ensure you can order and receive everything you need BMX! Please feel free to call your rep or the office at 585-6545-5250 with any questions or orders!

  • Hot New items in stock

    We've just received our spring order this past week, featuring new colorways in select products from Kink, Cinema, and Mission BMX as well as restocks on some products! Other items include the new Kink 3 piece Brace cranks, new Kink Stealth seats and more, in stock and ready to rock! Check out all the new products by clicking on the image above. Call your sales rep or the office at (585)-654-5250 to order these killer products today!

  • New products hitting the streets


    Our Spring parts shipment for Kink, Cinema, and Mission BMX is just around the corner! We will be receiving New Products including some new colorways for select items from Kink and Cinema: Matte Pale Mint from Kink BMX and Iceberg Blue from Cinema BMX. We will also be receiving some brand new products, such as the Kink Brace 3-piece cranks in multiple sizes, as well as the Kink Overgrown Stealth and Global Stealth pivotal seats! Call your sales rep or the office at (585)-654-5250 to prebook  today!

  • Kink 2021 Bike collection is almost here!

    The Kink 2021 collection is almost here. Contact your sales rep or give us a call at (585)654-5250 to pre-book now!

  • New Contender colors on the way!

    The Kink BMX Contender frame is coming in two hot new colors next month! Matte Trans Brass Knuckles and Gloss Trans Bloodsport Red, the new colors will be sure to turn heads. This Dan Coller signature frame can take any abuse, and if you don't believe us click on the GIF above to see the Contender take on a fight! Call your sales rep or the office @ (585)-654-5250 to preorder for the shop!


  • 2020 Fiend Bikes Are Here

    The new Fiend 2020 lineup is here and ready to rock! Give us a call today to add them to your next order.

  • Cabda! Part Deux!

    We will be at Cabda Chicago Feb 13th and 14th with previews of the 2020 Kink Complete line and more! We will be located at booth #1238. If you would like to set up an appointment to go over the bikes and everything new, please contact up ASAP! 585-654-5250 Chris and Ryan will be taking appointments!

  • Ray's Dealer Appreciation Cancelled!

    We are sorry to inform everyone we will are cancelling the Ray's event we had planned for Saturday the 19th. We decided the travel would be too much of a safety hazard for anyone going. We will not be rescheduling this event. Everyone registered for the event will still be eligible for the 2020 Kink BMX complete bike prebook incentives! Please give us a call if you have any questions!

    Thank you for your understanding.


    From all of us at Blackout Distribution, we wish you a happy and safe holiday, eat all of the food and drink all of the drinks! We'll be closed Thursday but will be open Black Friday.

  • Black Friday!

    We extended our Black Friday Sale until Nov. 26th! This will give you the chance to stock up for your own Black Friday Sale! We placed a ton of products on sale again this year so check out the sale page and get your order in before someone cleans us out!

  • Final 2019 Kink Complete Shipment!

    Our final shipment of 2019 Kink Completes is here and ready to move on to your shelves! The hot selling Drifter 26" is even available! Get your order in today!

  • Who Needs a Job?

    We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator. Click the image below for the details!

  • 2017 Blackout Open House!

    Check out the details below and give us a call to let us know you're coming!

  • Percept

    Bob Randel just put out a Video called Percept that features dudes from Baygame and the NorCal area. We received a select number to sell from here so get yours before they are sold out!

    Percept promo from PERCEPTONE on Vimeo.


    The connection issue solved and credit card transactions are working again! Please go about your normal ordering routine, and thank you for your patience!

  • Snowpocalypse

    Good News! We are back at the office and ready to work out asses off to get your every BMX need! Don't forget to get your prebook in for the 2018 Kink Complete Bikes as soon as possible!

  • Mission BMX

    This just in! Mission Plastic Targa Pegs with a steel core! But wait, there's more. Mission Control Stem is now available in Purple and Blue. But wait! There's more! All new Mission Integrated Turret Headsets! With one easy payment These could be yours!

  • Help Help


  • Terrible One

    After years and years I finally held my own in my hands. Check out the T1 Cyclops Stem!

    We will not be getting these stems in stock.

    If you want to receive one of the next batch hit up the man himself, Joe Mother Fucking Rich.



  • Cinema BMX


    Just letting everyone know, we are working hard to get everything figured out and into our systems and up online as soon as possible. In the meantime if you need anything from Cinema just give us a call at 585-654-5250.

  • "InterBike" Videos

    As you know or have found out we did not have a booth at InterBike this year. Of course we still have new products and upcoming products that we'd like to show you. That being said, here are our "InterBike2016" videos!



    fined-interbike  merritt-interbike


    blackout-interbike kink-parts-interbike

  • The Convergence Jam!

    Check out the video from the jam Merritt held with some help from Blackout, Kink and Fat Trax a few weeks ago. There were plenty of shenanigans and lots of riding.



    It's hot in the city this week, so in the heat of the moment we're doing a sale! Click the image to head over to the sale page and see all the hot deals we've got, it's a cruel summer and we're burning down the house with these sales!

    heat wave for news post


    From everyone at Blackout and Kink BMX we hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend! We will be closed on Monday, but we will back back on Tuesday for all your BMX needs!

    4th of July 2016

  • It's a Celebration Bitches!

    The 4th of July is coming up fast and what better way to celebrate than give our customers a discount!

    blackout 4th of july sale 3

  • Credit Card Transations

    Just a warning everyone we have activated the address verification for our credit card processor. This means THE BILLING ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT MUST MATCH THE BILLING ADDRESS FOR THE CREDIT CARD YOU ARE USING OR YOUR TRANSACTION WILL BE DENIED!

  • More Shenanigans!

    Here is some more footage from the Kink crew on there way and at the All Day BMX Shop and Blackout BMX Jam! Tony takes some phone calls, everyone rides BMX, forks are even demolished!

  • All Day Son!

    Check out the video from the All Day BMX Shop and Blackout BMX Jam! This video is full of ledges, rails, fence jumping, and BMX fun!


    ALL DAY BMX SHOP X BLACKOUT BMX JAM from All Day Bmx Shop on Vimeo.

  • Website Update

    All Customers Must Re-sign Up For A Login!

    Hi Everybody!

    As you may have noticed you have not been able to log into the site for a few days. We are all very apologetic for this inconvenience. Unfortunately on Friday, while installing a new security feature, our website developing company accidentally wiped out all of our customer information from the website. I have been trying to work with our hosting provider on getting a backup to restore this information. I was informed today that any backup that may have been available was overwritten last night by an auto-generated backup service. I'm sorry to announce at this time in order to see pricing and make any orders, you will need to re-submit a login request. You can even use your old login and password. I will receive an email for each request and will immediately approve customer accounts during business hours.

    From all of us at Blackout, thanks you for your continued and much appreciated business.

  • Let's Get Fiscal!

    The fiscal year ends on Thursday and we are trying to end it with a bang! To do so we have some pretty insane bike deals this week that can be seen on the Blackout Authorized Dealers Only Instagram account, @blackoutdealers. So, check out the Instagram account and grab that code phrase! Then, give your Sales Representative a call to get your fill-in bikes to hold you over until the 2017 Bikes get here. While you're at it, make sure you prebook 2017 Bikes by Thursday to receive a little extra incentive!



  • Authorized Dealers Only!

    Do you have an Instagram for your shop and want some exclusive deals? Follow our shop only Instagram account, @blackoutdealers. Don't have a shop Instagram? Make one! Don't want to make one? You can also give us a call and let us know you're going to follow with your personal Instagram account.


  • 5 Bikes = Freeshipping

    That's right, when you order 5 or more Kink Complete Bikes and we will ship them to you for free! So, give us a call and order some bikes today! This offer ends on 3/4/16.

    Now, watch our east coast sales rep, Chuck Goldy, ride his bike!

    Chuck Goldy "Totally Stoked to the Max About It" Part from Joshua Foisey on Vimeo.


    Here is a little video our old photographer, Michael Carnrike aka Red Beard, put together over the recent holidays. This features local riders that we always love supporting!

  • Let's Ride Bikes

    ray's flyer Paul Rad griz

  • Eye's Up

    The new LFS II Video is in stock in ready to rock!


  • Friday The 13th

    Starting today and ending on the 22nd of November we are having our Black(out) Friday Sale!



    Check out the new Mystery Box! Sale ends Monday October 12th.


    myster box deal WEBSITE IMAGE copy


    Here's what you missed if you didn't make it out for the jam!

    Blackout Jam 2015 Video - More BMX Videos

  • Viva Las Vegas Baby!

    Interbike is next week! We hope everyone is going to be able to make it out this year to check out some new products and have a hell of a time!



    The last couple of Sales we've done have been such a success we decided to extend them to Sept. 18th!


  • Dolla Dolla Bills Yall!

    We are having a blowout sale starting today and ending on Sept. 4th! Check out some of the products on sale below and then browse the Sales Pages for all the great deals!


  • Get a Job Slacker!

    Kink is looking to hire  a Media and Marketing Coordinator. Check out the details below and come work with us!



  • Guest Shop Suggestions!

    Our Current Guest is Mike From:

    BBG BMX in Quincy, MA

    "Here at Boston Bike Guy we specialize in BMX, but also are a full service bike shop.  We sell new and used bikes, as well as, all the good aftermarket products.  The shop is BMX rider owned and operated.  We are located near the subway, 10 miles south of the downtown Boston in Quincy Center.  The Blackout guys are always on key and give back to the BMX community by sponsoring events and answering any questions you may have."


    tabes for babesstore frontimage2clockdanaflairmaine.Still003dickinassshopimage3parts wallimage6shoes

  • SALES!

    You may have noticed all the sale pages have gone through a change lately. These pages used to show every product and option we had and you had to look at pricing to figure out what was on Sale. Now, only products that are actually on Sale show up on the Sale Pages! If you haven't checked these pages out lately, I suggest you do!

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