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  • Something is coming

    In case you missed it. The 2021 Kink BMX complete line is almost here and selling out faster than we can type up the orders! Below is some close up shots of a few bikes to give you a better look at colors! Click each image below to see the bigger picture!


    The 2020 Kink BMX Complete Bikes are live and ready for purchase! All 2020 bikes will be shipping out starting the week of the 13th!

  • Kink BMX 2020 Bike Collection!

    Kink BMX 2020 Bike Collection is live! If you haven't seen them yet get a good look and show your customers! Make sure you get your prebook for these bikes into us ASAP! Give your rep a call today, or get ahold of the sales reps in the office at 585-654-5250.

  • Final 2019 Kink Complete Shipment!

    Our final shipment of 2019 Kink Completes is here and ready to move on to your shelves! The hot selling Drifter 26" is even available! Get your order in today!

  • 2019 Kink Complete Videos

    The 2019 Kink Complete Bike videos are live! Check out the trailer then click the image below to see all the full videos on the Kink YouTube!

  • 2019 Kink Complete Bikes!

    It is finally time to publicly release the 2019 Kink Bikes! All of the favorites are back with new looks. We even added a couple options to the line. Do you like the 21" top tube on the Gap XL but need stronger parts? Check out the Whip XL! Same quality parts as the Whip but comes with a 21" top tube and 9.25" bars. Still not big enough for you? Check out the Drifter 26" complete bike! Fully sealed, fully chromoly, with double wall rims. This bike is right up your alley if you just want to cruise with your other cycling friends but still want to jib around town. Other new additions include the Crook and the Legend. These bikes are taking over the top spots in our line and are better than ever! Give us a call an submit your pre-order before you miss out!


  • Black Is The New Black

    We now have available a Gap Limited in Gloss Guinness Black. Same Spec as the Gap and Gap FC but comes with a Mission Convoy cassette wheel. Sealed 9t driver, female axle, and a Mission Mylar double wall rim!

  • 2018 Gap FC

    The Gap FC is still available! Same great quality as a Gap but features a freecoaster rear wheel. Place your order today!

  • 2018 Kink Bikes

    The product videos for the 2018 Kink Completes are now available.

  • Holiday In The Park

    The time to place your holiday pre-book for the 2018 Kink Completes is here! We will be getting the full line of bikes stocked up so you can do the same for the holiday season. Give us a call with your pre-book today!

  • 2018 BIKES!

    2018 Kink Bikes are in stock and ready to rock! Unfortunately we are not... We have a ton of prebooks that we are currently pulling and shipping out. This means any bike order that was not a prebook order will have a shipping delay on it. Get your order in so we can get you bikes ASAP!


  • 2018 Kink Complete Bikes!

    Just letting everyone know we sent out the 2018 Kink Complete Bike email. We will be resending it as soon as possible. We apologize if you receive the email twice, we have had a few customers that did not receive it the first time.

  • Bikes Bikes Bikes Bikes

    We decided to keep the deals flowing. Until Sunday December 4th 2016 10 or more bikes is free shipping!


  • "InterBike" Videos

    As you know or have found out we did not have a booth at InterBike this year. Of course we still have new products and upcoming products that we'd like to show you. That being said, here are our "InterBike2016" videos!



    fined-interbike  merritt-interbike


    blackout-interbike kink-parts-interbike


    2017 Kink Complete bikes are fully in stock and ready to rock from out West Coast warehouse! Get your order in today, while they're hot!

    2017 Catalog

  • 2017 Kink Complete Bikes!

    The 2017 Kink Complete line up is almost here! Our East Coast warehouse should see them early May with our West Coast warehouse receiving them late April! Check out all the East Coast and West Coast bikes. Also, if you haven't done so yet, please email and get your probook in right away.

    2017 Catalog

  • Let's Get Fiscal!

    The fiscal year ends on Thursday and we are trying to end it with a bang! To do so we have some pretty insane bike deals this week that can be seen on the Blackout Authorized Dealers Only Instagram account, @blackoutdealers. So, check out the Instagram account and grab that code phrase! Then, give your Sales Representative a call to get your fill-in bikes to hold you over until the 2017 Bikes get here. While you're at it, make sure you prebook 2017 Bikes by Thursday to receive a little extra incentive!



  • Closeout Pricing!

    From the 2016 Gap all the way up to the 2016 Solace Completes have all been dropped to closeout pricing! Get your bike orders in today!


  • Final Count Down

    We just received our last shipment of 2016 Kink Complete Bikes! Bikes are now fully restocked and ready to rock! Once they're gone they're gone!



    All 2016 Kink Complete Bikes have been re-stocked and they are most definitely ready to rock! We have Curbs, we have Roasters, we have Whips, and we have Gaps and Launches! You name it, we go it. Orders your re-stock today!



    The new bike videos are online for your reference and enjoyment! Click the photo below or check out the videos on each Complete Bike Page!


  • A Look Into The Future! Part Dos!

    2016 Kink Complete Bikes are In Stock and Ready to Rock! Make your Bike order online today or give a call right away for these



  • 2016 Kink Complete Bikes!

    Check out the 2016 Kink Complete Bikes! These lovely ladies will be available in May, that's only a month away! If you have yet to pre book any of these fantastic two wheeled machines I advise you to give us a call or e-mail Reez today!

    Click HERE to see the Catalog online or click the image below to see the full run down.


  • 2015 Kink Bicycles!

    We just received more 2015 Kink Complete Bikes and we are already sold out of select SKUs!  Better put your order in before the rest is sold out!



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