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  • New Merritt Products

    New goods and small restock are in! Military Green Colorway, Ackerman Sprocket, Inaugural FL Stem, Slaughter 4pc Bars, 330mm Seat Posts, Low Top Headsets, and the Itsy Grips are among the new products. Holla at us for more info and to get some in your next order!!


  • New From Merritt

    We received some new Tar Heel Blue and Brick Red products from Merritt! Check them out and get your order in today!

  • Merritt Products!

    We received the new Merritt Billy Perry Grips, purple MKII Stems, and White P1 Pedals!

  • Painted Black

    We just received Merritt GFE Peg Sleeves in Black! We also received the all new Team bars. The Andre Bars are available in 9.25" or 9.75" rise. Get your order in today before they are gone!

  • Merritt!

    Just like Reez, Merritt has gone grey! Check out the new colorway from Merritt. We have a few things in stock and a couple things that will be here next week.

  • 2017 Blackout Open House!

    Check out the details below and give us a call to let us know you're coming!

  • Merritt

    Get the Teal Merritt parts today!

  • Keep the Battle Crankin!

    Check out the new Merritt Battle Cranks we just received! In other news check out the new Merritt GFE Begin Pegs we just received! Order your shop some today before you loose the battle!


    Check out the new Merritt Battle Rim and their Bottom Bracket! Now available here!


  • "InterBike" Videos

    As you know or have found out we did not have a booth at InterBike this year. Of course we still have new products and upcoming products that we'd like to show you. That being said, here are our "InterBike2016" videos!



    fined-interbike  merritt-interbike


    blackout-interbike kink-parts-interbike

  • The Convergence Jam!

    Check out the video from the jam Merritt held with some help from Blackout, Kink and Fat Trax a few weeks ago. There were plenty of shenanigans and lots of riding.


  • Pur pupu Purp pu Purple!

    Merritt coming at you with some new Purple products for you to purchase! We also received the Pentaguard Sprocket and MK2 Inaugural Stem!


  • No Free Refills

    We just got a refill order from Merritt. Give us a call and get your refill order!


  • Let's Ride Bikes

    ray's flyer Paul Rad griz

  • Splish Splash Splatter!

    Check out the Merritt Option Tire in Splatter!


  • Wax On, Hood Up

    The Merritt Block Logo Wax is now available in Neon Yellow. We also received their Plasmatic Hoodie!



    We are the new Distro for Merritt! Product came in today and are already selling fast! Give us a call and get your Merritt products before they are sold out!!


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