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  • Black Friday!

    We extended our Black Friday Sale until Nov. 26th! This will give you the chance to stock up for your own Black Friday Sale! We placed a ton of products on sale again this year so check out the sale page and get your order in before someone cleans us out!

  • Sale Bikes!

    In case you need some deals on a couple bike for the holidays, we have some 2018 Fiend completes on sale!


    Make sure you take a second look at the Summer Sale! We have already sold out of more than a few items and we don't want you to miss out! Get your order in today before Chuck Goldy sells everything to someone else!

  • It's a Celebration Bitches!

    The 4th of July is coming up fast and what better way to celebrate than give our customers a discount!

    blackout 4th of july sale 3

  • Al's Summer Sale Shoes

    Check out the Sale Shoe Page for some newly discounted kicks!



  • Let's Get Fiscal!

    The fiscal year ends on Thursday and we are trying to end it with a bang! To do so we have some pretty insane bike deals this week that can be seen on the Blackout Authorized Dealers Only Instagram account, @blackoutdealers. So, check out the Instagram account and grab that code phrase! Then, give your Sales Representative a call to get your fill-in bikes to hold you over until the 2017 Bikes get here. While you're at it, make sure you prebook 2017 Bikes by Thursday to receive a little extra incentive!




    The last couple of Sales we've done have been such a success we decided to extend them to Sept. 18th!


  • SALES!

    You may have noticed all the sale pages have gone through a change lately. These pages used to show every product and option we had and you had to look at pricing to figure out what was on Sale. Now, only products that are actually on Sale show up on the Sale Pages! If you haven't checked these pages out lately, I suggest you do!


    To help with the winter blues and spruce up your BMX selection, we've decided to do a couple shipping deals:

    5+ bikes - $50 SHIPPING ($10 OR LESS PER BIKE!)
    $500+ parts orders - FREE SHIPPING!
    Any 5+ bike order placed with a $500 parts order - FREE SHIPPING! 


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